Aloha from Hawaii!!


Last Thursday, our family flew on Hawaiian Airlines from Arizona to Hawaii. The flight was long but sooooo worth it!! Hawaii is absolutely beautiful!! Once we landed in Oahu for the transition to the flight to Kona, I could feel the humidity! It was soooo humid!! But the plant life was AMAZING!! After our flight landed in Kona, we drove a rental car into Kea’au (about 2 hours :S). We’ve been staying in the country part of Hawaii and we’ve had so much fun here!! I would have to say that my favorite part so far has been snorkeling, but the views here are definitely a close second. Two days ago, our family went to Richardson’s Beach Park and got to see lots and lots of turtles in a big tide pool. This one in the picture was HUGE!! It had to be about 1.5 ft. across and 3-4 ft. long. There were also some angelfish in the smaller ponds, and I even got to see a little eel. Then yesterday, we explored Pahoa near the coast and found some super fun jungle land! (I got to swing from a vine :)) After exploring, we went to the Champagne Ponds to snorkel. We found sea turtles, blowfish, humuhumunukunukuapua’a (that’s a mouthful...), and some other pretty tropical fish. I love it here, and I’ll keep y’all updated on the cool stuff we do!