To Spain!

Our next location is Spain, which means a lot of change: Colder winters, hotter summers, different currency, and a different language! I am very excited and kind of scared for what might be in Spain. I am practicing my jui jitsu just in case... Anyway,  I'm kinda new to blogs and websites and all that jazz, so please forgive my awkwardness, I promise I'm not like this in real life:).  I was just wondering what all yall would like to see and hear from me, and what would be cool to put on the website. I really like doing stunts and going on adventures, so tell me what stunts you would like me to do, and what adventures you think would be cool. Also, I was thinking of doing some more random acts of service in addition to the service projects we have been doing. Any ideas on what I could do there?  Please e-mail me your ideas and suggestions and I will do my best to follow them.