Our Temple Trip

         Recently my family and I went on a temple trip with our ward to the Madrid, Spain temple. It was a six hour bus ride to Madrid, which is much longer than we are used to traveling to go to the temple. The bus ride was uncomfortable because we had to sit at the back, and it was very hot. It was also in the middle of the night - we met at the church after midnight.  I finally got comfortable laying in the aisle and was able to sleep a little bit on the way.  Once we got to the temple we ate breakfast that we brought with us - baked potatoes and hard boiled eggs - and waited for the temple to open. We got to do two baptism sessions, which was fun, and afterwards we hung out with our friends for 4 hours before leaving to return home. We have met some fun people here, but they only speak Spanish.  We use a lot of Google Translate and talk really slowly. The bus ride back was better because I got to sit in the front with one of my friends and talk.