Service Project

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Jobst’s house to help clean up their yard. They are a family in our ward who live on a property with a macadamia nut orchard, a small cacao orchard, and some other garden beds. We headed over in the morning and picked up our good friends, the Ishibashi’s on the way so they could help us. Sister Jobst got us some tools and black plastic bag ponchos, and we went to work. Our friend George joined us in his bright yellow rain poncho and rubber boots. We laughed because he looked kinda goofy. We got busy sawing off all the low hanging branches in the orchards and pulling weeds out of the pineapple patch. We cut all of the branches off of a "mystery tree" and stacked them into a pile so they could eventually compost down into soil. Then we went to their pineapple patch and pulled out all the grass and weeds (we even accidentally pulled out a pineapple plant--oops). One thing that is interesting about working in a pineapple patch is that you have to wear protective goggles.  The spines on the pineapple bushes are very sharp.  It's easy to reach down to grab a weed and get stabbed in the eye!  I had lots of fun doing service, and they were very happy and thankful that we were able to help.