Kapoho Tide Pools

In November we went to the tide pools at Kapoho, also known as the Waiopae tide pools, in Pahoa with our friend Maq.  We went snorkeling there and saw lots of cool sea life.  I would definitely recommend going to these tide pools to anyone.  They were the best tide pools I have ever been to.

There were several tide pools there, some of them bigger than others.  The pools were separated by hardened lava and lava rocks.  The water was clear and just the right depth, around 4-5 feet deep.  The tide pools were a short walk, less than a a quarter mile, from the parking lot.

The water was the perfect temperature for snorkeling so we went right in.  We saw lots of colorful fish.  There were also two eels, each the size of a ruler.  The scariest thing we saw was a sea urchin as big as a bowling ball.  It had really long spikes, so we had to avoid it.  Seeing the fish and sea life was magnificent.

The tide pools are also great for swimming because they are clear and warm.  It felt good on a hot day.  The pools are refreshed by the ocean regularly with the incoming tide.

These tide pools are some of the best for swimming and snorkeling.  I would recommend wearing water shoes to protect your feet from the rough rocks and the sea urchins.  It was a great experience to see all of those fish.  I had a super time in the tide pools at Kapoho.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Kapoho tide pools have been wiped out by the lava flow of 2018. We are so sad that they can no longer be enjoyed!